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Planning on visiting our shop in Agra?


As we don't pay commission (payouts) to drivers or travel guides you may find it difficult to convice your  rickshaw driver, taxi driver or travel guide to take you to the Mughal Carpets Company.  You may find them advising you on ‘better' shopping options instead, possibly places where they would get paid a sum of money by the shopkeeper in return for taking you shopping.  We have had feedback from many a customer about the kind of statements made by drivers/guides when asked to take them to the Anokhi Shop e.g.

“Mughal Carpets Company has closed down”
“They have had a fire”
“They have moved far away”
“It will take you over an hour to get there”
“I will take you somewhere much better – better prices, better designs”
“They are closed today”,

Please just call us on 09837303930 to cross check any such statements discouraging you from visiting our shop.

Need to hire a Taxi while you are in Agra?

We use a travel agency in Agra for taxi services – we have found their drivers to be very good and most of our friends/visitors have given very positive feedback. 

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